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One Hour of Business Consulting for R.H.N.s​

Have questions about the ongoing development of your nutrition business, or specific areas that you feel would benefit from some one on one mentoring? Book in for one hour with Kirsten Janz to chat about your business goals and how to bring your vision to light.

- $95 plus GST

One on One Mentoring Series – 5 Sessions

In this course series, you will work one on one with Kirsten Janz, R.H.N. to brainstorm, and effectively create an individualized plan to build and grow your own nutrition business. Please note that the points below are the fundamental areas of focus, but can be adjusted based on your needs and stage in the process of your business start up.

Session One and Two –Business Start Up

o   Business Plan/Vision Board/Brainstorming

o   Web Design

o   Choosing a Work Location

o   Software/File Storage Set Up

o   Business Licensing (Sole proprietor/Incorporation) and Insurance

o   Printed Materials

o   Additional Certifications

o   Prepping Business Paperwork/Documents

o   Getting Out There

o   Additional Topics Suggested By You

Session Three - Marketing Your Business

o   Branding

o   Social Media

o   Advertising

o   Skills Based Marketing

Session Four - Growing and Maintaining your Business

o   Building Community Relationships

o   Fostering Clientele

o   Customer Service and Retention

o   Profitability and Adaptability

o   Know Your Competition


Session Five – The Key to Success

o   Multiple Revenue Streams

o   Brainstorming One on One
o   Five-Year Plan

- $449 plus GST

Delivery Methods


Mentoring sessions can be delivered In-person, by phone or by Zoom/Skype.

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